May 192009

The AMCA Music Choral Scholarship was established in honor of former AMCA Executive Secretary Guy Stoppert. This unknown choral scholarship is available to not only American students but International students as well. AMCA or the Associated Male Choruses of America was first incorporated in 1924. The organization was established with a few particular goals in mind. One goal was to draw interest to choral music. They also wanted to encourage the performance of choral music. Finally, they wanted to show their appreciation for great male choral music. The organization was formed out of true love and dedication to the field of male choral music. It would take 50 years however before the AMCA Music Scholarship would be considered and the process towards its birth initialized. In 1973, The AMCA Choral Scholarships for Music was created to offer assistance to promising college music students. Funds to support the vocal scholarship were raised through gifts from friends of AMCA and through concerts put on by the Associated Male Choruses of America. The support was slow but steady […]

May 132009

The National Opera Association (NOA) holds performance music scholarship vocal competitions annually to determine winners of their various music scholarships that they offer to fresh innovative opera talent.