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Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs Scholarships

MFMC Scholarships

The Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs Scholarship or MFMC scholarships offer the opportunity for students with an interest in music to pursue their passion. Each year, the MFMC offers a number of music scholarships for students to attend the International Music Camp. The camp is held in International Peace Gardens, between Manitoba and North Dakota. Recipients of the scholarship will receive one week of concentrated study during the camp. This camp specifically geared for fine arts is considered to be one of the best and is hosted by only the most highly skilled artists and educators.

In order to be eligible for one of the MFMC scholarships in music, applicants must be enrolled in high school by the time the application is submitted. Applicants must also receive a Superior rating during the Festival during the year of their application. Two letters of recommendation must also be submitted. Applications must be submitted prior to the MFMC meeting in April to be considered.

MFMC scholarships also include the Joyce Walsh Junior Disability Awards. This award was established in 1983 as part of the Junior Division under the direction of Joyce Walsh. It is an annual competition that is open to any Junior vocalist or instrumentalist who is physically disabled. The first-place winner in the competition will receive a $2,000 award. The second-place winner in the competition will receive a $1,500 award that is to be used for musical study. It should be noted that former first-place winners of the competition are not eligible to compete again. There are also three $500 vocal/instrument awards that are given in four categories as well. Applicants for the awards must be at least 12 years old by the time of auditions each year, which is March 1st. Applications are due by no later than February 1st of each year.

MFMC music scholarships also include the Junior Composer’s Contest. The contest is comprised of several different age categories. Junior Class I is for ages 9 and under, while Junior Class II is for ages 10-12. Junior Class III is for ages 13-15. Junior Class IV is for ages 16-18.

The Junior Composers Institute and Studio is held each year in Minneapolis/St. Paul in July. The goal of the program is to motivate students while providing encouragement and instruction. A composition award is open for students ages 14 through 20. The deadline to apply for this musical scholarship is April 15th. The amount of the scholarship is $400. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must have participated in the MFMC clubs Junior Composers Contest, which is held in January. Applicants must have further placed as a first or second place winner within Levels 3 or 4.

MFMC also sponsor the National Music Week Essay Contest each year for students in grades 7-12. The goal of the week is to increase public awareness of the importance of music in everyday live, while also encouraging participation as either a listener or performer. Applicants must submit an essay to compete. An award of $50 is given to one winner in each of the 50 states. A merit award is also given to a winner in each state. All applications must be postmarked by December 1st.

Scholarships for Challenged Students are open to students who are at least 12 years of age, but have not yet attained their 19th birthday by March 1st. The amount of the award is $250. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is January 1st.

There are also many MFMC scholarships available through the National Federation of Music Clubs for individuals with special needs. Teacher Trust Grants are also available to help teachers become re-charged after a busy year. These grants provide teachers with financial assistance for attending workshops, register for university courses, participating in master classes and taking lessons to further enhance their skills and teaching abilities. Grants are awarded in $100, $150 and $200 increments. Applications for these MFMC music scholarships must be submitted by April 8th.

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