Music Scholarships for Music Education

musical scholarships for music education

Music Scholarships for Music Education

Music scholarships might seem like one of the toughest to find but they are being doled out. If you do look around you can find them. Colleges offer scholarships for music in two basic forms – partial and full. The criteria for eligible candidates also are not very tough. You may find yourself competing with 10 year olds, but that shouldn’t get your moral down or turn you away from your dream. It’s never too late to pursue a career in music, and if you don’t have the financials to back it up, you can get a music scholarship that can help you make your dream come true. Usually, there are no stringent financial criteria that a candidate must satisfy in order to apply. This means that anyone irrespective of his/her financial status can apply.

Music foundations and colleges are two main sources for musical scholarships. These music education scholarships are won through competition with other aspirants. Some music scholarships grant you a spot as a student in the college you picked to apply to and some extra money that can help you get things going.

So let’s see in brief what your options for a scholarship for music are, if you want to become a musician with a consistent background, and have experience and education in this domain that can truly help you pursue your dream.

Some Music Education Scholarships

  • Astral Career Grant – $200 to $250 awarded to 8-12 undergraduate students majoring in music or performing arts.
  • John Lennon Scholarship Program – $5000 -$10000 offered to 3 undergraduate or graduate students majoring in music.
  • Sigma Alpha Iota Jazz Studies Scholarship – $3500 awarded each year to 2 graduate or undergraduate students majoring in the music field.
  • Dan Schutte Scholarships – Awarded to undergraduate or graduate student ($1000) majoring in music field.
  • Paluch Family Foundation – $2500 awarded each year to 1 undergraduate or graduate student majoring in music in pastoral field.
  • Chopin Foundation of the United States Scholarship – Up to $1000 awarded to 10 freshmen graduates of the music field.

You can find out more about these scholarships in music by contacting the foundations or organizations that sponsor them. You’d be surprised how helpful they can be in guiding you towards applying successfully and maybe even get the scholarship you want.

Keep in mind that all of these music scholarships are awarded based on talent and hard work. So make sure you prepare yourself properly and give it your best when auditioning for any of the scholarships in music you apply for. Put all those fears away and use your emotions constructively to bring out your natural talent and make you get that long awaited musical scholarship you’ve been dreaming about.

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