May 202009

The American Recorder Society (ARS) offers summer scholarships for music workshops for the young and the young at heart. These music scholarships for summer are presented in honor of previous ARS members Jennifer Wedgwood, Maraget S. DeMarsh and Andrew Acs. Much of the funds raised to support these summer program scholarships for music derive from the memory fund set up by friends and family members of these loving ARS members. Other funds are raised through generous donations and fund raising scholarship drives. Of course the American Recorder Society will accept any donations that you are willing to provide to help ensure that recorder enthusiasts will continue to have support. The society is aware that so many young people start off choosing the recorder as instrument of choice. For those who seek to explore the recorder further they hope to continue to offer these special music scholarships. The American Recorder Society Recorder Scholarships are used to help recorder enthusiasts attend recorder workshops. Therefore, anyone who is interested in attending one of these workshops and could use […]