May 202009

The American Recorder Society (ARS) offers summer scholarships for music workshops for the young and the young at heart. These music scholarships for summer are presented in honor of previous ARS members Jennifer Wedgwood, Maraget S. DeMarsh and Andrew Acs. Much of the funds raised to support these summer program scholarships for music derive from the memory fund set up by friends and family members of these loving ARS members. Other funds are raised through generous donations and fund raising scholarship drives. Of course the American Recorder Society will accept any donations that you are willing to provide to help ensure that recorder enthusiasts will continue to have support. The society is aware that so many young people start off choosing the recorder as instrument of choice. For those who seek to explore the recorder further they hope to continue to offer these special music scholarships.

The American Recorder Society Recorder Scholarships are used to help recorder enthusiasts attend recorder workshops. Therefore, anyone who is interested in attending one of these workshops and could use monetary support can submit their application. Proof of monetary need is not required. The ARS scholarships are created for recorder enthusiasts of all levels of ability and age. These awards have been presented to players from age 12 to 65. Obviously all of those who wish to apply should have a sincere interest in the recorder. They must have a desire to show others how much they love and enjoy the recorder instrument. Those who show enthusiasm and dedication to playing the recorder will have the competitive edge.

It is not a requirement that you be a member of the American Recorder Society. However, the winners of these summer study scholarships for music are encouraged to become members and friends of the society for a lifetime. The American Recorder Society is more than an organization; it is a family, a brotherhood and sisterhood for those who find vast enjoyment playing the recorder. The ARS scholarships are typically meant to assist recorder enthusiasts to attend week- long workshops in places like the Amherst Early Music Festival or the San Francisco Early Music Festival. You can however utilize a summer program scholarship for a weekend workshop as well. Now if you have won one of these music scholarships in the past you may apply again, it must be known however that priority will be given to those who qualify but have not won.

The ARS scholarship award is normally between 150USD to 300USD. However, if you are planning to attend a weekend workshop then the musical scholarship will be for 125USD or less. You can submit those weekend scholarship applications right up to within two months prior to the event. The summer weeklong workshop applications must be received by April 15th. All the scholarships in music must be used during the year that they were awarded. In this case it would be before the next August 31st. If you are interested in one of these fine recorder scholarships and would like more information, visit The American Recorder Society Recorder Summer Scholarships for Music. These music scholarships have been created out of love for the recorder instrument. Share you love of the recorder with them and you may just take an ARS Recorder Scholarship home with you for the summer 2009 scholarship period.

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