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Music Scholarships for Future Teachers

Teacher Music Scholarships

Do you have musical talent? Do you plan to become a music teacher or a band director in the future? If so, there are many music scholarships for future teachers that exist to help you pay for your education. Music is a vital part of education, for numerous reasons, and schools are in great need of qualified music educators. Here are some music scholarships for teachers that you should consider. 

First note that since you are planning to become a teacher, you should take advantage of the numerous teachers scholarships and grants that is available for future teachers, as a whole. It is important to realize, however, that many of these particular scholarships and grants for teachers are only available to those who are majoring in education, and not majoring in music. Therefore, you may have to make a hard choice regarding the actual major that you select, in this instance, and give a great deal of weight to the number of lucrative scholarships and grants that are available based solely on your major in college.

With that said, in terms of being a music major who intends to teach music in a private or public school, consider the Fred Rogers Scholarships for future teachers if you will be considering elementary music education as a career. Three awards are given annually, in the amount of $10,000, making this a very important music scholarship. Note that the award is not music specific, but children specific, and make sure that you state your desire to mentor young children through music on your application.

Next, consider the Sinfonia Scholarship Program. This program consists of music scholarships in the amounts of $2500, $2000, $1500, $1000, and $500, and there are different scholarships for future teachers available, with different eligibility requirements.

It is vital that you compete in music competitions. Many of these competitions offer scholarship money as prizes, and typically, this is where you will get the largest music scholarship award amounts. For example, the National Federation of Music holds annual competitions with awards ranging up to $10,000. Also check out the music scholarship competitions arranged by the National Federation of Music Clubs, at http://www.nfmc-music.org/Competitions/CompetitnsAwards.htm. There are multiple competitions and awards available here.

Make sure that you check for teachers scholarships offered by fraternities and sororities as well, such as the music scholarship opportunities offered by Sigma Alpha Iota. These scholarships can be very beneficial, and while you will need to be a member of the fraternity or sorority in many cases, this isn’t true in all cases.

Finally, check with the music department at the school you will be attending, or are attending. There are countless music scholarship opportunities for potential music teachers offered directly through the music department, and the only way to apply for many of these scholarships is through the music department at your school. Also check for instrument and voice specific scholarships, and all music scholarships that are only available to residents of your home state as well. When looking for music scholarships for future teachers; think scholarships for teachers & music scholarships separately first!

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