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The National Opera Association (NOA) holds performance music scholarship vocal competitions annually to determine winners of their various music scholarships that they offer to fresh innovative opera talent. The musical scholarship vocal competition is divided up into two divisions. The Artist division for singers aged 25-40 and the Scholarship division for singers 18-24 on or before January 10th. If you are interested in competing you must submit your application prior to October 15th. The initial results will be announced around December 10th of every year. The final competition will be held in Atlanta, GA on January 9th. No true opera lover should miss this competition whether you are participating or just love the art. It is just that fun.

Those interested in competing must turn it the standard with their application, such as proof of age, a resume photo, and the entry fee and most important of all, the CD of two areas from your repertoire list. The finalists will be picked from the CD that is submitted so it is essential that you choose the right location and equipment to best produce the recording. Those in the Music Scholarship division should be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in an accredited educational facility. The vocalists in the Scholarship division must be prepared to perform four arias in contrasting styles and periods. They must do so in three languages. One of these must be in English. All of these must be performed equal to the contestants training. If desired, one selection can be in musical theatre. The Music Scholarship award can range anywhere from 500USD to 2000USD.

Artist division vocalists need to perform five opera arias in contrasting styles and periods. It is also a requirement that they complete these in four languages, including one in English. In contrast to the Scholarship division, no musical theatre selections will be allowed. Once again the music awards will range from 500USD to 2000USD. In addition, the American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) offers Musical Scholarships for summer study at the AIMS Graz Experience in Austria to the contestant that comes in first place.

About NOA

The National Opera Association was formed 54 years ago with the sincere desire to draw more attention too opera and music theatre. Their mission was simple, to enhance activities in operatic performance. In addition, they wanted to increase the opportunities for performance. They were able to accomplish this task by participating in projects that was directed at enhancing the range and improving the quality of opera. National Opera Association members from around the world join together in a wide range of activities in order to support this mission. The teamwork is the heart of the association.
The National Opera Association is proud to offer their support for these gifted applicants who continue to strive for operatic success. The association and all of its members are dedicated to ensuring their support will continue for many years to come. If you or someone you know is interested in competing for these music scholarships by entering into the vocal competition please visit National Opera vocal competition & music scholarships today for more information.

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  1. The NOA or National Opera Association is the sponsor of the following competitions annually or biannually. They are:

    1) Vocal Competition (annual)
    Consists of (2) divisions: Artist, ages 25-40 and scholarships ages 18-24.
    Application deadline for the January 2010, competition is October 15 2009.

    2) Opera Production Competition (annually)
    Video submission deadline is June 30 2009.

    3) Opera Scenes Competition (2nd annual)
    Video submission deadline is August 15 2009.

    4) Chamber Opera Composition (biennial)
    Score submission deadline is May 1 2010.

    5) Scholarly Paper Competition (annual)
    Paper submission deadline is June 15 2009.

    6) Dissertation Competition (biennial)
    Nomination deadline is September 1 2010.

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