Jun 042009

The Omaha Symphony Guild sponsors the Omaha Symphony Guild International New Music Competition. Each year the winner of the music competition is awarded a music scholarship of $3000 to assist with their musical education. To be eligible for this musical scholarship, the applicant must be a junior or senior at graduate level. The Omaha Symphony Guild is honored to present this award for the best composition of symphony music. This is a one-time award and cannot be renewed and that makes it even more desirable for the many applicants who are hopeful to take the award home.

The deadline to apply for the Omaha Symphony Guild International New Music Award is April 15th of the applicable year. The deadline has already expired for this year but all applicants are encouraged to apply for the upcoming 2010 season.

The Omaha Symphony Guild International New Music Competition is only open to students that are twenty- five years old and older. Not only does the winner of this musical competition take home the $3000 scholarship for music, but also in addition there is an excellent chance that the Omaha Symphony Chamber Orchestra will perform the winning scholarship composition for all to enjoy. That opportunity alone is enough to motivate any composition writer. These graduate students strive to prepare the best composition imaginable to compete in the competition and the icing on the cake is having a world-class orchestra like the Omaha Symphony to perform it. A selection panel established by the Omaha Symphony Guild board of Directors selects the winner. This music scholarship is issued annually at a special ceremony to be announced.

The ultimate goal and mission of the Omaha Symphony Guild is to promote the growth and development of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra for the pleasure and education of residents of Greater Omaha and the States of Nebraska and Iowa. The Omaha Symphony Guild has made it a dedicated priority to establish funds and educational opportunities for children of all ages. The Omaha Symphony Guild was founded in 1957. Although over a half a century has come and gone the inspiration and passion that has always driven the OSG is still as prudent as when it first began those 52 years ago. The OSG New Music Competition was established for composers of chamber music in 1976 over three decades ago.

Although three decades have passed since the New Music Competition was born the annual anticipation for the event is still monumental and inspiring. The Omaha Symphony Guild has been a dedicated sponsor of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for it over the years. The $3,000 prize in association with the possible winning composition being performed by the Omaha Symphony Orchestra continues to draw eager applicants from all over the Nebraska and Iowa region.

Applications for the 2010 season must be submitted prior to April 15, 2010. For more information on the Omaha Symphony Guild International New Music Competition please visit: The Omaha Symphony Guild New Music Competition for Music Scholarships. The next award is waiting for you.

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