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The Glenn Miller Music Scholarship Competition was created in honor of one of the greatest musical entertainers of the 20th century. The competition is held every summer in Clarinda, Iowa at the Glenn Miller Festival.

The Glenn Miller Story

Alton Glenn Miller was brought into this world on March 1, 1904 in Clarinda, Iowa. Little did anyone know that this baby boy would one day change the face of popular music forever. Glenn went on to graduate High School in Fort Morgan, Colorado. It would not be long before Glenn’s talent for music would touch the world. He put together the most impressive band of the big band era. By the 1930’s Glenn was a household name.

What Happened to Glenn Miller?

When World War II began Glenn did his part by accepting the duty as Commander of the Bands and Broadcasting for the Special Services of the Army/Air Force. While serving in this position Major Alton Glenn Miller’s plane was lost at sea on a flight bound from England to France. When that plane disappeared on that December Day in 1944, the world was cheated out of more than a musician. One of the most innovative musical minds in history had vanished as well. The Glen Miller death was truly tragic.

Glenn Miller’s Spirit Lives On

Almost 65 years have passed since the life of Glenn Miller was stolen from the world. The popularity of Glenn’s music is visible in the fact that new releases of his music still constantly sell well. In 1976 Glenn’s hometown of Clarinda, Iowa decided to honor the legendary performer by creating the ‘Glenn Miller Birthplace Society’. Their goal was simple. The best way to honor Glenn Miller was to support the potential musical minds on the horizon. The people of Clarinda, the local businesses and the friends of the society from around the world joined together to give something back to the musical community in the spirit of Alton Glenn Miller. The Glenn Miller Music Scholarship Competition was born.

The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Music Scholarship Program

Every year the society holds the Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, Iowa. This is when the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition takes place. Those who wish to apply for the different scholarships must submit an audition CD or Tape within 3 months of the festival. Finalists are then chosen that will compete during the first night of the festival. Out of this competition 3 vocalists and 3 instrumentalists will be chosen for scholarship awards. 1st Place in each category will receive 4500USD. 2nd Place will receive 2000USD and 3rd Place will receive 1000USD. To compete you must be a High School Senior or a first year College Freshman. Winners will perform on the final day of the festival. Applications and Rules of Eligibility can be found at

From Now To Eternity at Last Glenn Miller

The business people of Clarinda, Iowa in conjunction with the worldwide friends of the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society have instituted a fund to ensure that these music scholarships will always be available for upcoming exceptional music leaders. The society does not seek Glenn Miller look-alikes. There will always be only one Glenn Miller. They are drawn to those who hold dear the dream of musical excellence and can present it in a style all their own. The Glenn Miller Scholarship Music Competition holds true to the spirit of the one and only Alton Glenn Miller who in his short existence on earth touched the hearts of millions around the world and has inspired many a young musician to reach for the stars.


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