May 192009

The AMCA Music Choral Scholarship was established in honor of former AMCA Executive Secretary Guy Stoppert. This unknown choral scholarship is available to not only American students but International students as well. AMCA or the Associated Male Choruses of America was first incorporated in 1924. The organization was established with a few particular goals in mind. One goal was to draw interest to choral music. They also wanted to encourage the performance of choral music. Finally, they wanted to show their appreciation for great male choral music. The organization was formed out of true love and dedication to the field of male choral music. It would take 50 years however before the AMCA Music Scholarship would be considered and the process towards its birth initialized.

In 1973, The AMCA Choral Scholarships for Music was created to offer assistance to promising college music students. Funds to support the vocal scholarship were raised through gifts from friends of AMCA and through concerts put on by the Associated Male Choruses of America. The support was slow but steady and seven years later, in 1980, the first AMCA Music Scholarship was awarded. It was a long time coming but the Associated Male Choruses of America took its responsibility to manage this fund to heart. Their intention to honor former Executive Secretary Guy Stoppert motivated them to inspire others with their musical ability. They were steadfast in their dedication to the cause. Although the first awards only offered two hundred dollars for each recipient it was assistance well spent.

In recent years past the AMCA Music Scholarship Fund has increased the amount awarded to anywhere from one thousand dollars to twelve hundred dollars. However, the amount awarded and the number of awards given can vary from year to year. The deadline to apply for the AMCA Music Scholarship is March 1st. Prospective recipients must be enrolled in a Bachelors Degree program for Music full time. It is preferred that the music major be in voice or choral. One of the key requirements to be considered for this scholarship is sponsorship. An Associated Male Choruses of America Choir must sponsor an interested applicant. The choir must present a detailed letter of support to the AMCA scholarship chair before the deadline date of March 1st.

In most cases before an AMCA Choir will sponsor a prospective recipient there will have to be an audition. Before the choir can pledge support they have to know what their candidate has to offer to the field of choral music. Without a sponsorship applications will not be considered. The AMCA Music Scholarship is awarded to someone who is part of the great choir family. The Associated Male Choruses of America is a brotherhood. That brotherhood began supporting fellow choral hopefuls way back in 1980 and continue to do so until this day. Interested applicants may apply for these unknown AMCA Music Choral Scholarships. All applications must be delivered by March 1st. If you meet the required criteria and have the talent and determination to enhance your choir music potential please apply now to this little known vocal scholarship.

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