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vocal scholarships

Vocal Scholarships

There is an unknown vocal talent competition scholarship for music called the Churchill Family Scholarship which was created in 2004 in honor of two great musical educators from Maine, Luther and Priscilla Churchill. The members of the Musica de Filia established the fund out of love and respect for their dear friends and musical collaborators. The Musica de Filia is a famous all women choir in Maine.

The Award

Every spring a festival is held in Portland, Maine supporting the Churchill Family Scholarship for Music Fund. It is here that a talented High School Senior from Maine will have a chance to compete in a vocal talent competition for a 500USD Scholarship. In order to be eligible for this award the student must be pursuing a college degree in musical performance or education. The first Churchill Family Scholarship for Music was awarded in 2006. The fund is supported by corporate and private donations. On an interesting note, 2009 will be the first year that a boy has been allowed to compete for this vocal scholarship.

Interesting Guidelines

One of the interesting guidelines for this unknown vocal talent competition is that the student must perform from memory. There will be no lyrics or music sheets allowed. In addition, no competitor gets off with a simple English audition. Those who choose to audition for the Churchill Family Scholarship in music must also perform their piece in three other languages. One must be in Italian. The other can be in German or French. The final piece may be performed in an additional language of choice. The judges have the option of listening to one verse or the entire repertoire. Those that audition must also bring their own accompanists. This vocal talent competition is open to the public as part of the festival. Students come from all over Maine to partake in the Churchill Family Scholarship Music Competition.

What You Should Do

Any student who wishes to take their best shot at this vocal talent competition need only fill the requirements mentioned previously. They can go online and pull up guidelines for this unknown Churchill Vocal Talent Competition Scholarship for Music. This unknown Scholarship is small in comparison too many others you may find but this award was born out of love and grew from feelings of the heart and soul. Luther and Priscilla Churchill gave so much of themselves to the Maine musical community that the community could not help but give back. If you are a high school senior in Maine with the intention of attending college in pursuit of a degree in music or performance, then this vocal music competition offers you the ability to express yourself in the same spirit of the Churchill’s. Jaye Churchill, the daughter of Luther and Priscilla, is now the director of the Musica de Filia and attends the vocal competition every year. Those interested should join her there in support of the Churchill Family Scholarship Fund. It is an event for all who chase their musical dream. Let the vocal talent competition begin.


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