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The William C. Byrd Young Artists Competition is held every year in Flint, Michigan for a chance to be awarded an unknown musical scholarship. The competition takes place at the J. Dallas Dort Music Center of the prestigious Flint Institute of Music where they are fully dedicated to providing performing arts programs for enthusiasts of all ages.

Every year over 300,000 visitors are drawn to the Flint Institute of Music either for the Flint Symphony Orchestra or the Flint School of Performing Arts. The Flint Institute of Music gathers support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. The MCACA is a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts. The Flint Institute of Music is a non-profit organization.

The William C. Byrd Young Artists Competition is held on the first Saturday in March. Young artists from all around the globe come here to compete for the grand prize of 6000USD. In addition, the winner will have the honor of performing with the Flint Symphony Orchestra. Every year the competition focuses on one of four disciplines. In 2009 the focus will be on Winds & Brass. In 2010 the competition will be on Voice. In 2011 the competition will revolve around the Piano and in 2012 the competition will focus on Strings. The St. Cecilia Society, the Flint Institute of Music and the Flint Symphony Orchestra sponsor this annual competition.

To participate in the William C. Byrd Young Artists Competition you must be 30 years old or younger on the date of the competition. This does not apply to the voice competition. You can be 34 years old or younger for the Voice competition. It is forbidden for any applicant in this competition to be represented by a Manager or Agent. All applicants will submit a ten- minute tape that will contain the work they will be performing at the competition. All applicants will also have the opportunity to choose from any of the basic repertoire for their instrument and full orchestra.

The first prizewinner in the competition will receive 6000USD. 3000USD will be paid on the spot while the other 3000USD will be paid after their performance with the Flint Symphony Orchestra. If for any reason the first place winner chooses not to perform with the Flint Symphony Orchestra they will automatically forfeit the remaining 3000USD. In addition, a 2,500USD Music Scholarship will be awarded for second place. A 1,000USD award will also be given to 3 lucky finalists.

All applications must be submitted to the St. Cecilia Society no later than January 19th of the year of the competition. All finalists in the competition will be notified by February 1st of the same year. The St. Cecilia Society dates back to 1895. It is their role to be the Scholarship Affiliate of the Flint Institute of Music. This gives them the responsibility of administering the musical competition and all of the funds to operate it successfully. It is their goal to assist promising musicians in their musical careers. These unknown Musical Scholarships are available through the donations collected by the society. If you are interested in participating in the William C. Byrd Young Artist Competition please visit the William Byrd Young Artist Musical Scholarship Competition.

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