May 292009

On an annual basis the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts sponsors academic Christian Methodist scholarships in music for a better education. The unique scholarship was created by members of the church as a means of supporting those members with an interest in higher education in Church Music and/or Worship Arts. Although the amount of the music scholarship does vary, typically the average award is around 1,000USD. The application deadline is March 2nd. As with any fellowship the United Methodists are a family determined to help their neighbor. They realize there are financially incumbent members who are unable to pursue their dream due to financial difficulties. It is their sincere anticipation that the United Methodist Scholarship in music can ease their pain.

As with any musical Christian scholarships there are certain criteria that have to be met. Applicants must have the intention of pursuing a music degree in sacred music. He or she must be starting as a freshman or already attending an accredited college, university, school of theology or desiring academic education in worship or the arts related to worship. In addition, the applicant must meet the following conditions as well. They must have been a member of the United Methodist Church for more than one year. If you are of a different denomination than you must have worked for the United Methodist Church for more than a year prior to the application date. Applicants must also demonstrate excellent Christian character and be a supporter of Christian activities of the church.

It is also required that the applicant display evidence of outstanding musical or other artistic talent. The applicant must also display effective leadership experience. The prospective applicant must also be able to demonstrate how they will be useful to the Christian activities of the church and/or campus in the future. The goal is to support those members of the church that are devoted not only to music or arts but to the church as well. The church wants to reward members that will work diligently towards making the church stronger and more effective.

The Fellowship of Methodists have made it clear that in order to receive the United Methodist Scholarship for music, you must be planning a career in music worship or arts. The Christian scholarship for music is meant to build a strong foundation in the church. The applicant will need 6 very important things upon submitting the application. First they must fill out the application. Then they will need a transcript of their most recent educational facility. They will also need to write a personal statement presenting their interests and goals in the future. From this point they will need 3 references. The first must be from their teacher or professor. The second must be from their Methodist Church pastor. The third must be from a party that can verify their musical or artistic ability.

This unique United Methodist Scholarship in music awards the average amount of 1,000USD every year to the applicant that best meets the criteria in question. For more information in applying, visit the Christian United Methodist Scholarship in Music.

United Methodist Scholarships for Christian Students

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