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The Miriam Hoffman Christian Scholarships for music were created in honor of Miriam Hoffman, a dedicated educator from Seminole, Florida. The Miriam Hoffman Estates established these unknown scholarships for music and they are sponsored by the United Methodist Church. These musical scholarships are awarded every year to students in need of support on their journey to musical excellence. Those that qualify must apply for the music scholarships prior to May 15th of the attending year. If the student meets the qualifications and receives the Christian scholarship, they will receive a determined monetary award for one year. The student may apply again the following year. Whereas many university music scholarships are determined by competitions and actual performing ability, the Miriam Hoffman Scholarships are judged by the needs of the students.

The Miriam Hoffman Christian Scholarships were first issued in 2001. That year twelve needy students received the award. The total paid out that year was twelve thousand dollars. There is not set amounts written in stone. The amount of the award will be based on the prospective students financial situation. In addition, there is no set number of awards that will be given out. Therefore, many students may have a chance of getting some financial aid through these little known musical scholarships for Christians. Although typically the amount of the award has been around one thousand dollars, once again this may vary. As with any financial aid the prospective student must present financial need to qualify. Obviously the Christian scholarship in music program cannot assist each and every student that applies but they take pride in trying to choose the students that will best benefit from the award.

These college music scholarships are geared at Under Graduates and Graduate Students. It is preferred that the students are pursuing Degrees in Musical Education or Ministry. These students will take priority. One of the key requirements for consideration is that the prospective student must be an active member in the United Methodist Church for at least one year prior to filling out the application for the music education scholarship. Furthermore, the student must be enrolled in an accredited educational facility. The student must also be attending that school full time. The prospective Miriam Hoffman Scholarship winner must be either a United States Citizen or at least a permanent resident. Finally, the student must be carrying at least a C+ grade point average, which is low to most other scholarships in music.

The United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry is given responsibility for choosing and distributing the Miriam Hoffman Christian Scholarships. Although they would love to assist every student in dire straits they are confined to helping the students that prove worthy above all. If you feel that you meet the qualifications mentioned above, apply for these unknown christian scholarships for Music. Keep in mind that you must apply prior to May 15th to be considered. For the qualified individuals out there who are dedicated to a dream of Music or Ministry one of the Miriam Hoffman Scholarships could have your name on it. If you are in need of some financial aid in your pursuit of your degree, these Methodist scholarships in music for Christians may offer some relief.

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