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Music Scholarships for those who are Musical

Music Scholarships

Whether you have an immense musical talent, or plan to enroll in college to go into a music related field, there are several music scholarships that you may be eligible for. College is expensive, and in terms of an education that includes music, there will be additional fees for private lessons and such that can quickly become quite costly. You need all of the college music scholarships – and other types of scholarships – for which you are eligible.

If you are seeking scholarships for music, start with the BMI Foundation. The BMI Foundation administers numerous music related scholarship programs, grant programs and competitions with music scholarship or award money available. Each competition or musical scholarship program offers varying award amounts, with different eligibility requirements. This is absolutely the first place that anyone seeking music scholarships should start their search.

From there, you should look at specific scholarships in music, such as music scholarships for particular styles of music. An example of this is the scholarship program offered by the Pittsburg Jazz Society. Also seek out scholarships in music for specific musical instruments, such as the Jack B. Moore Flute Scholarship.

Look into college music scholarships at the school that you will attend, or are already attending. For Example, George Washington University offers the George Washington University Presidential Arts Scholarship in Music – worth up to $7500 in tuition, and renewable for four years. Bowling Green State University offers the Music Talent Award, in varying amounts.

You may even get a music scholarship without an immense amount of talent, and without majoring in any type of music as well – if you are good enough to make it into the college band. For example, the University of Mississippi offers Band Scholarships for those who are performing in the band, but these musical scholarships are awarded based on your performing ability and potential contribution to the band.

Do you have musical talent and plan to teach music as well? Consider applying for the numerous music scholarships offered by the Texas Music Educators Association. At the same time, make sure that you inquire about other teaching related scholarships as well, as opposed to music teacher scholarships.

Do you play the Piano? Do you love Chopin? You need to take part in the National Chopin Piano Competition, but it is only held every five years. This is a music scholarship program to enable you to spend four years preparing for this scholarship however.

In fact, there are many lucrative competitions that offer either very large cash awards – which can be used for college – or very nice college music scholarship awards, which may be paid directly to you, or to your school, and must be used to pay for college or college expenses. One example of such competitions is the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition which awards up to $4500 for different musical categories, including voice and instrumentation.

Ideally, if you want music scholarships, you will have to prove your musical talent, and competing in as many competitions as possible will prove to be quite beneficial in the application processes for many different musical scholarships, and can result in nice prize money to help you pay for your education as well.


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