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Many famous Symphony Orchestras across the United States offer some form of musical competitions for the promising young artist. The Fort Collins Symphony Association normally sponsors an Annual Young Artist Competition in music each and every year in Colorado in September. It is with great pride and a warm heart that they continually search for the most promising musical talent in the Symphony field. It is their goal to offer support both financially and personally to the up and coming musical enthusiasts. It is for this reason that the Annual Young Artist Competition is so diverse. It is not available to only those who are enrolled in college musical degree programs. It is open to the younger musicians as well.

The Fort Collins Symphony Annual Young Artist Competition is divided up into two divisions. One is for the ‘juniors’ and one is for the ‘seniors’. When they say juniors they don’t mean just those who carry their fathers name and they don’t suggest that it be only High School and College Juniors either. By ‘juniors’ they are referring to those young artists between the age of twelve and eighteen. They must be eighteen or younger prior to the date of the youth music competition. When they say ‘seniors’ they are not suggesting that you must be over the age of sixty-five (although there are many great musicians in this age bracket). They are referring to those young artists from the age of nineteen to twenty-five. Once again, you must be in this age bracket on the day of the musical youth competitions.

The junior musical competitions are based on piano and instrumental performance. The winners will normally receive between 300USD and 500USD. There are no major requirements other than the age to enter this competition in music at the junior level. You must show proof of age and you do have to be a United States Citizen. Other than that, if you have the heart and soul of a symphony instrumentalist than you are entitled to compete. The Fort Collins Symphony Association is well aware of the need to support young artists as they pursue their calling in music. They know that the young artists of today will perform in the great symphony orchestras of tomorrow.

The senior competition in music has a few more requirements to consider. Not only do you have to be in the senior age bracket on the day of the musical competitions as well as a United States Citizen but also there is more. Along with your proof of age and citizenship you must also have a recommendation from your music teacher. You must also audition by performing a concerto. The senior division alternates the discipline that will be in musical competition from year to year. The competition for music will involve pianos on even numbered years and instruments of odd numbered years. First prize in the competition is normally 6000USD.

It is with deep regret that the Fort Collins Symphony Association has announced that due to the economic times at hand, there will be no Annual Young Artists Competition this year. The event was originally scheduled for September 2009. It is the hope of all involved that this most cherished event will return next season.

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