May 182010
Voice scholatrships

Vocal Scholarships

Vocal scholarshipsare given away by almost all colleges and universities that offer music or vocal courses and that wish to attract talented students that might not afford a college education without the help of a scholarship for music voice.

Schools that have established a formidable reputation usually have many attractive vocal college scholarships that can attract the best talent from around the country and world. This is a win-win deal for both the college or university and the student. The college gets the best talent, thereby it sustains its reputation and makes a charitable act, whilst the student receives a huge opportunity to pursue the career he/she wants and is able to attend the best courses.

Voice scholarships are usually given away through a contest. No matter what state you live in or if you’re a native US citizen or not, you’ll surely find a music voice scholarship that can enhance your vocals while teaching you more about music.

For example, the Chad Williamson Memorial Vocal Scholarship offers voice scholarships of up to $500, but it’s only available in Pennsylvania, at the Slippery Rock University. Don’t worry, the music degree programs offered by this university are modern and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Many of the graduates of this university are working in the domain either as teachers in public or private schools or in the entertainment industry.

Another great one is the Travis Hannah Vocal Scholarship and it’s awarded for outstanding vocal talent and musicianship. Almost forgot; a new announcement has recently been made that Alltech has partnered with the University of Kentucky’s Opera Theatre department to present the Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition. The total amount of the music voice scholarships that are given away through this contest is worth more than $300,000. Of course, the competition will consist of vocal performances or favorite songs or areas of the students.

In order to get a vocal scholarship, it’s best to check out the websites of the colleges your wish to apply for. These websites contain detailed information on the vocal music scholarships that a certain college or university has available along with other contact information and requirements. You can get in touch with the professors from that college and see if they can help you to apply for a voice college scholarship. But don’t expect an easy ride. You will have to show them you have the needed talent. It’s pretty competitive out there, especially if the college is the best in the field.

As mentioned above, many times if not all, you may be asked to give an audition in order to receive scholarships for voice. Hence, be prepared and rehears because the competition can be tougher than you thought. Believe in your talent and have confidence in yourself and sing your heart out in front of that audition committee.

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